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TB-250WL Turbidity MeterTB-250WL เครื่องวัดความขุ่น

TB-250WL Lovibond เครื่องวัดความขุ่น

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TB-250WL Lovibond เครื่องวัดความขุ่น Turbidity Meter สามารถวัดความขุ่นในช่วงวัด 0.01 to 1100 NTU
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เครื่องวัดความขุ่น TB-250WL

TB-250WL Turbidity Meter

Product DescriptionTB-250WL เครื่องวัดความขุ่น

The TB 250 WL allows easy turbidity measurement in either the field or in the laboratory.


  • ideal for regulatory monitoring, process control or field use
  • simple operation
  • easy calibration
  • Auto-Ranging
  • meets USEPA
  • Description of unit

Using a „white light“ source and 90° detection, the TB 250 WL meets the specifications for EPA turbidity measurement (EPA Standard 180.1).

A power efficient micro-circuit design allows the instrument to yield 5000 testson 4-AA alkaline batteries with an estimated 7-10 year bulb life. Integrated diagnostics confirm proper operation and accuracy. The instrument features an Auto-Ranging feature that automatically selects the correct turbidity range for your sample.

Calibration is simple with the included calibration standards. The instrument comes with all required items for testing including the TB 250 WL Turbidimeter, sample cuvettes, batteries, calibration set, operators manual and carrying case.

Delivery Content: TB 250 WL, 2 sample vials, 3 turbidity standards, 4 batteries, instruction manual and guarantee sheet.


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