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NDJ-4S เครื่องวัดความหนืด Viscometer

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NDJ-4S เครื่องวัดความหนืด Viscometer ตอบสนองรวดเร็ว แม่นยำสูง การใช้งานที่สะดวกและรูปลักษณ์ที่สวยงาม เหมาะสำหรับวัดความหนืด ในงานวัดจาระบี, สี, วัดความหนืดของของเหลวต่างๆ เช่นพลาสติก, ยา, อาหาร, สีและผงซักฟอก
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เครื่องวัดความหนืด รุ่น NDJ-4S 


The NDJ-4S/1S digital display viscometer is an upgraded product of the traditional pointer rotary viscometer. The instrument adopts advanced mechanical design, manufacturing process and single-chip control technology, LED digital tube display, accurate measurement; the viscometer adopts three simple button operation modes, one button selects the rotor number, one button adjusts the speed, one button reads Take the viscosity value and it is very convenient to use. ์NDJ-4S

The instrument has the characteristics of high measurement sensitivity, reliable test results, convenient operation and beautiful appearance. It is an ideal instrument for measuring the absolute viscosity of Newtonian liquid and the apparent viscosity of non-Newtonian liquid. It can be widely used in grease, paint, Measurement of viscosity of various fluids such as plastics, pharmaceuticals, foods, paints, and detergents.

"0" rotor viscometer optional accessories Product introduction:

1:Specially used for measuring very low viscosity samples 
2: Sample volume only needs 25ml 
3: Cylindrical rotor can accurately calculate the shear rate for detailed analysis of products. 

The No. 0 rotor ultra-low viscosity adapter is an optional accessory. The method of use is as follows:

1. The liquid below 15mpa.s is made of No. 0 rotor, and the No. 0 rotor is used without the protection frame, and the No. 0 rotor is mounted on the connecting screw ( Rotate counterclockwise to install).
2. Insert the fixing sleeve into the lower cylinder of the instrument and tighten with the sleeve fixing screw. 
3. Pour 20-25 ml of the liquid to be tested into the outer test tube (bottomed). 
4. Insert the outer test tube into the fixing sleeve and tighten it with the test tube fixing screw. When tightening, pay attention to the tapered end of the test tube fixing screw to screw into the triangular groove at the upper end of the outer test tube (can be in the side round hole) Observe whether the trial triangle groove is at the center of the hole. After the temperature of the liquid to be measured is controlled, the test can be performed. 
5, when equipped with a bottomless test tube, the method is basically the same as above (except 3), when the outer test tube and the rotor are immersed in the outer test tube groove circle as the liquid surface line

Main Technical

Measurement range: 1∼2×106 mPa.s
Rotors: The standard 1-4 rotor; (#0 rotor for testing viscosity below 0.1∼10mPa.s)
Speed (r/min): 0.3, 0.6, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 30, 60 r/min
Stop: When the measurement results are stable, the rotor stop automatically
Precision: ±2% (Newton liquid)
Power supply: AC 220V±10% 50HZ±10%
Working condition: Temperature from 5C to 35C, relatively temperature less than 80%
Dimensions: 280×320×390
Net weight: 4.5kg

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