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PAL-03S เครี่องวัดความเค็มPAL-03S เครื่องวัดเกลือ

เครื่องวัดความเค็ม Salinity Refractometer PAL-03S

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Digital Salinity Refractometer PAL-03S


PAL-03S Digital Pocket Saltwater Refractometer.

  • Sodium Chloride 0.0-28.0% (by weight) (g/100g), ±0.2% (minimum scale 0.1%)
  • ATC 50 to 104°F (10 to 40°C).
  • This refractometer is designed to measure a solution of table salt (NaCl - Sodium Chloride) and water only. Applicable in cooking, preparation of certain foods, rinsing of seafood, snow melting agents, etc. Easy water only calibration.
  • Includes: Protective storage case and owner's manual.
  • New generation of Atago Refractometer!
  • Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket
  • Used for Sodium Chloride
  • Range: Sodium Chloride 0.0~28.0% (g/100g)
  • Accuracy: Sodium Chloride ± 0.2% (g/100g)
  • Measurement temperature: 10-40 degrees C
  • Features automatic temperature compensation
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • Waterproof to IP65 Standards



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