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ETI 292-701ETI 292-701

ETI 292-701 Saf-T-Log HACCP Recording Thermometer

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ETI 292-701 เครื่องวัดอุณหภูมิ Saf-T-Log HACCP Recording Thermometer ช่วงการวัด -100 ถึง 1372 °C ความละเอียด 0.1 °C
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เครื่องวัดอุณหภูมิ ETI 292-701

Saf-T-Log HACCP Recording Thermometer

Saf-T-Log Thermometer with certificate of calibration. Product by UK.ETI 292-701

The Saf-T-Log HACCP Recording Thermometer measures, stores, downloads and enables printing of temperature reports. No more paper logs or complicated PDA's to train staff how to use! The Saf-T-Log is as easy to use as your current thermometer

The Saf-T-Log includes Windows® software to create your list of up to 100 items that you routinely measure along with up to 25 users. Each item can include a high/low temperature limit that gives the user instant on-screen PASS/FAIL feedback and gets printed on the report. Once your checklist is created, it can be saved, emailed to other users and uploaded onto any Saf-T-Log.

To record readings, simply scroll to the correct item and press record. Once readings are taken they can be uploaded to a PC automatically when reconnected. The data is archived and a report is generated automatically with no additional user input. The Saf-T-Log report is locked so data that is logged cannot be tampered with.

The Saf-T-Log can be used anywhere with interchangeable type K thermocouple probes and is housed in a durable IP66/67 water resistant housing. Measure temperatures from -100 to 1372 °C depending on the probe selected. It also includes a high contrast backlit display with accuracy to ±0.4 °C and a calibration trim function. The Saf-T-Log incorporates a USB port which allows the user to connect to a PC. Data is then transfered and a report automatically generated. status and a large temperature display.

specification Saf-T-Log
range -100 to 1372 °C
resolution 0.1 °C
accuracy ±0.4°C ±1 % of reading
battery 3 x 1.5 volt AAA batteries
battery life >500 hours
sensor type K thermocouple
display 15mm LCD
dimensions 32 x 71 x 141mm
weight 220 grams

มี Software + cable แล้ว / ต้องซื้อ probe เพิ่ม เช่น WRNM-106

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