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ph1100 เครื่องวัดค่าพี-เอชph1100 pH Meter

เครี่องวัดกรดด่าง pH Meter Eutech model CyberScan pH1100

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เครื่องวัดกรดด่าง pH Meter Water Quality Meter เครื่องวัดค่าพี-เอช เครี่องวัดกรดด่าง เครื่องวัดคุณภาพน้ำ เครื่อวัดความเป็นกรด ด่าง PH meter > เครื่องวัดกรดด่าง พีเอช มิเตอร์ > Eutech model CyberScan เครื่องวัดกรดด่าง pH1100
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Eutech model CyberScan pH1100

 Product Features:

:: High Resolution and Accuracy (Up to ±0.002 pH Accuracy) for precise measurement
:: Backlit Two Line, Dot Matrix LCD Display provides clear instructions for setup, measurement and calibration
:: Direct Ion Concentration measurement with use of many Ion Selective Electrodes (Only Available in CyberScan pH 2100)
:: Multi-Point Push-Button Calibration with Auto-Buffer Recognition (Up to 5 points) for optimum full-range accuracy
:: User-Customization for enhanced flexibility like pH resolution, etc. and viewing of electrode diagnosis - pH slope/offset/mV base value, and previous calibration points
:: Calibration Due Alarm prompts at user-defined interval to ensure regularly scheduled recalibration for ISO and GLP compliance
:: Automatic Downloading of data into memory or computer via a cable at desired time intervals or whenever reading stabilizes
:: Expanded Memory stores and recalls up to 100 data sets either manually or on programmable real-time intervals
:: Built-In Real-time Clock stamps stored data and calibration data with time & date - meets standards for GLP purposes
:: High/Low Set Point Alarm alerts once reading outside preset limits
:: RS232 Communication interface to download data to a printer or PC with complimentary Windows®-based DAS software for report documentation
:: Analogue Recorder for external chart recording devices
:: Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) for best accuracy under fluctuating temperatures
:: Stability Criteria options determine stability of reading from instantaneous to moderate speed ideal for difficult sample measurement
:: Hold Function momentarily freezes reading for easy viewing and recording
:: Self-Diagnostic with message codes for easy troubleshooting
:: Slide-Out Instruction Card for quick reference
:: Detachable Electrode Stand organizes multiple electrodes neatly and holds them firmly in place


 Laboratory/Industrial: Use for water quality testing, sewage treatment, soil/fertilizer testing, food processing (for HACCP compliance), geological testing. Great for R&D and QC applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries, paper/pulp processing, chemical industries and related fields. Suitable for most ASTM and EPA test procedures.

 Educational: Perfect for research labs, suitable for all types of chemistry labs and ecology studies.

 ORP: Use ORP electrode to monitor plating operations, ozonation system efficiency, and other redox measurements.

 Specifications:t Specification

pH Range -1.000 to 14.000 pH
Resolution & Accuracy 0.01/0.001 pH & ±0.01/0.002 pH
Ion Concentration Range -
Resolution & Accuracy -
mV Range -1850 to +1850 mV
Resolution & Accuracy 0.1 mV & ±0.2 mV
Temperature Range -5.0 to 105.0 °C (23.0 to 221.0 °F)
Resolution & Accuracy 0.1 °C (0.1 °F) & ±0.5 °C (0.9 °F)
No. of Calibration Points 1 to 5
pH Buffer Options USA: 1.68, 4.01. 7.00, 10.01. 12.45
NIST: 1.68, 4.01, 6.86, 9.18, 12.45
User 1: 1.68, 4.01, 6.86, 10.01, 12.45
User 2: 1.68, 4.01, 6.86, 10.01, 12.45
Custom: min. of 2 and max. of 5 points
No. of Ion Calibration Points -
Memory 100 Data Sets with Date/Time stamping
Temperature Compensation Automatic/Manual (0 to 100 °C)
pH Slope & Offset Display Yes
Print Output Bi-directional RS232C, Recorder (±1850 mV)
Display Alpha-numeric Dot-matrix LCD with backlit
Special Functions Auto-buffer recognition, Date/time indexed (GLP compliance); Calibration due prompt, Alarm; Stability criteria
Stability Indicator & Self-diagnostic
Power 9VDC, using AC adapters 110VAC or 220VAC, 50/60 Hz


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