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PONPE 590BPH PONPE INSTRUMENTS เครื่องวัดและควบคุม pH

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PONPE 590BPH / PONPE INSTRUMENTS เครื่องวัดและควบคุมค่ากรดด่าง pH Transmitting Controller ช่วงการวัด 0.00 ถึง 14.00 pH เหมาะสำหรับการบำบัดน้ำบริสุทธิ์ กระบวนการทางอุตสาหกรรมและอื่น ๆ
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เครื่องวัดและควบคุม pH รุ่น PONPE 590BPH

pH Transmitting Controller

This PONPE 590BPH are widely  used for online pH monitoring in environment protection water treatment, pure water treatment, industrial process and so on. pH Probe

• White backlight LCD screen, several operations, easy for operation
• Be compatible for six kinds of buffer solution which suitable for international standard.
• Selectable temperature sensor which reduce the replacement cost;
• Manual calibration is easy for on-site calibration.
• EMC enhancement type could run smoothly under kinds of industry environment.
• (4 ~ 20) mA output support instrument / transmitter modes and satisfy all 4 – 20 mA receiving unit.
• Double relay high / low and delay control function could fulfill pH interval control and adjustment.
• Several power supply to be selection according to the different models. Input AC/DC power, no polarity connection.


Model PONPE 590BPH
Measurement range pH 0.00 ~ 14.00
Temp (0.0 ~ 50.0)°C
(Temperature compensation component: NTC10K)
Resolution pH 0.01
Temp 0.1°C
Accuracy pH 0.1
Temp ±0.5°C
Approximate input impedance 3×1011Ω
Buffer Solution pH value: 10.00; 9.18; 7.00; 6.86; 4.01; 4.00
Temp. compensation range (0~50) °C (with 25°C as standard) Manual and automatic temperature compensation
(4~20) mA Characteristics Isolated, fully adjustable, reversible, instrument / transmitter for selection
Loop resistance 500Ω (Max), DC 24V
Accuracy ±0.1mA
Control contact Electrical contacts Double relay SPST-NO, return model
Loop capacity AC 220V / AC 110V 2A (Max); DC 24V 2A (Max)
Power consumption   <3W
Working environment Temperature (0~50) °C
Humidity 85%RH (none condensation)
Storage environment Temp. (-20~60) °C; Relative humidity £85%RH (none)
Installation Panel mounted, fast installation


Set Inclued

- 1 × PONPE 590BPH pH Transmitting Controller
- 1 × PH-1110A pH Electrode
- 1 × English User Manual

Optional Accessories

- ORP-1110A ORP Sensor   

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