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Products tagged as: เครื่องวัดกำลังไฟฟ้า

PQ34-2 / Extech 200A Current Clamp Probes The PQ34-2 is a set of 200 Amp current clamp probes. Use with the Extech PQ3450 and PQ3470 analyzers. Featuring a 0.8 in. (19 mm) jaw size. Product comes with three current clamp probes and a year warranty.

PQ3120 / Extech 1000A Current Clamp Probes The PQ3120 is a set of 1000 Amp clamp probes (set of 3) for PQ3350 analyzer. The clamp probes have a 2.2 in. (56mm) jaw size..

PQ3110 / Extech 100A Current Clamp Probes The PQ3110 is a Clamp probe kit for Extech meters. Comes with three clamps. For use with PQ3350 power quality analyzer..

PQ2070 / Extech AC Power Clamp Meter Large dual backlit LCD display (9999 count) with bargraph.Built-in non-contact Voltage Detector with LED alert.

MG300-NIST / Extech True RMS Wireless Multimeter/Insulation Tester True RMS measurements for accurate readings of noisy, distorted or non-sinusoidal waveforms.

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