What is a Hygro-Thermometer?

A hygro-thermometer measures relative humidity (RH) and temperature. The unit of measure for relative humidity is percent (the range is 0.0 to 100.0%). 100% relative humidity is the maximum amount of moisture that air can hold without condensation. Temperature is sensed on Extech Hygro-Thermometers by a thermistor and is displayed in °C or °F.

What is Dew Point? 

Dew Point is the temperature at which water vapor condenses. It is not as common as relative humidity measurements but has applications in meteorological, chemical, and electronic assembly areas.

What is a Psychrometer?

A Psychrometer is a Hygro-Thermometer that uses Wet/Dry Bulb technology. Wet/Dry Bulb is a complex humidity temperature measuring technology that Extech meters simulate using an internal algorithm.

Hygro-Thermometer Applications

• Semiconductor fabrication clean rooms
• Environmental analysis
• Electronic assembly
• Food processing and serving areas
• Computer and other workstation environments
• Processes requiring gases in manufacturing
• HVAC applications
• Greenhouses
• Flood restoration

Calibration Bottles

Extech offers calibration references for 33% and 75% relative humidity. The calibration references are small bottles that accept the humidity sensor. Periodic calibration is necessary to insure precise readings. Check the listings for the appropriate reference bottles for a given meter.