Moisture Meters

Moisture Meters

What are Moisture Meters?

Moisture Meters sense, measure and display the moisture content of wood and other building products. Materials such as sheet rock, wall board, mortar, concrete, plaster, cardboard, and others can be tested for moisture.

How are Moisture Meters used? 

Moisture Meters are used to detect moisture in wood, wall board, and other building materials to gage damage from fl ooding, high humidity, or other causes, for example. Moisture meters are also used in furniture manufacturing and rebuilding, wood fl ooring, wood drying, fl ood insurance claims, building inspection, pest control, and many others.

Moisture Meters

How do Moisture Meters operate?

Moisture meters determine the moisture content of a material by way of pin-like probes that are inserted directly into the material under test. The moisture reading is then displayed on the meter. The unit of measure for moisture content varies from instrument to instrument some use ‘%’ and others use a relative scale from 0 to 100 where 100 represents maximum and 0 represents minimum moisture. Many meters also use a Dry, Moist, and Wet indicator for convenience.