EMF/ELF Meters & Multimeter Adaptors


What is an EMF/ELF Meter?

An EMF/ELF Meter measures the intensity (not the direction) of a electromagnetic radiation fi eld in the 0.1 to 199.9mG (milli-Gauss) range. Radiation levels present at video terminals, fans, wiring harnesses, power lines, etc. can be accurately measured. EMF is the acronym for ElectroMagnetic Field. ELF is the acronym for Extremely Low Frequency.

How do they operate?

The electromagnetic radiation sensor is located behind the front panel just below the LCD. Simply turn on the unit, position the meter, and read the 0.5” LCD displayed value. Since this is a single axis meter, up to three readings may be necessary to obtain the full electromagnetic 3-axes spectrum. An over-range indicator lets you know when the reading is above

EMF/ELF Multimeter Adaptor

Multimeter adaptors monitor EMF/ELF and connect to any multimeter (200mV or 2VDC range) for display purposes. The sensor outputs a 1mV per count signal to the multimeter or even to a chart recorder. LED indicator provides power status and battery check information.


• Power utility companies
• Manufacturers of electromagnetic equipment such as fans, generators, and video monitors
• Computer workstations
• Wiring verifi cation and troubleshooting
• FCC compliance
• Magnetic tape head maintenance