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ELR615S / LSI LASTEM เครื่องวัดดัชนีความร้อน WBGT meter

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ELR615S / LSI LASTEM เครื่องวัดดัชนีความร้อน WBGT meter การวัดที่รวดเร็ว แม่นยำ
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เครื่องวัดดัชนีความร้อน รุ่น ELR615S แบรนด์ LSI LASTEM

WBGT meter

Heat Shield satellite module (5 cm - 2")

Heat Shield includes globe temperature, wet bulb temperature the, dry bulb temperature and relative humidity and displays on-line WBGT indoor& outdoor index, Heat Index and Humidex. Thanks to its built-in radio technology, Heat Shield can support up to two satellite units to calculate WBGT at different levels (As per the recommendations outlined in ISO 7243: 1989) or in different locations. When equipped with the anemometer, the unit can be also used for accurate thermal environments analysis thanks to the most advanced software available on the market for this purpose, GlDAS TEA.ELR615S

Power supply
Power supply 8÷14 Vdc
Power consumption (Radio ON) TX ON: 180 mA, RX ON: 30 mA
Power consumption (Stand-by) Stand-by: 0.2 mA (n.9 months)
Type 2 A (4.2 V) Lithium rechargeable
Recharging time ~ 8 hrs
Battery life 20 hrs
Type ZigBee
Frequency ISM 2.4 GHz direct sequence channels
Power 10 mW (+10 dBm)
Other features
Internal clock Accuracy: 30 sec/month (T=25°C)
Keyboard Nr 4 Keys
Processor 1 RISC 8 bit, clock 16 MHz
ADC resolution 16 bit
Sampling time 80 ms (rejection 50 Hz)
Environmental lim -20÷60 °C
Protection IP 54
Standards / Approvals CE Mark
Weight 1,05 Kg
Dimensions 185x150x55 mm
Mounting Threaded bushing allows mounting to standard photographic tripods

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