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AC Voltage Detector + IR Thermometer DV40

1,700.00 ฿
The DV40 is a multipurpose instrument that can serve as both an AC voltage detector and and Infrared thermometer.
MS2203  Clamp Meter
MS2203 แคลมป์มิเตอร์

Digital Power Clamp Meter MS2203

8,900.00 ฿
แคลมป์มิเตอร์ ดิจิตอล The meter is composed of three channels: voltage, current, power and single chip Micro controller > MS2203
3258 Safety HiTester
3258 HIOKI

3258 / HIOKI Safety HiTester

3258 / HIOKI Safety HiTester Voltage can be measured safely at practically any location, on either insulated or exposed metal conductors.
3490 Analog MΩ HiTester

3490 / HIOKI Analog MΩ HiTester

3490 / HIOKI เครื่องวัดโอห์ม Analog MΩ HiTester 3-range testing voltage of 250/500 V (insulation resistance testing up to 100 MΩ)

Autoranging Digital Megohmmeter 380260

9,400.00 ฿
The Extech 380260 provides three test ranges, continuity tests, and AC/DC Voltage measurements.

380260-NIST / Extech Autoranging Digital with NIST

380260-NIST / Extech Autoranging Digital with NIST 250V, 500V, and 1000V test voltages ,Insulation Resistance to 2000MÙ
380320 Extech
380320 เครื่องวัดความเป็นฉนวน

Analog Insulation Tester 380320

8,000.00 ฿
The Extech 380320 analog high voltage megohmmeter is capable of generating test voltages up to 1 kV to test electrical insulators.
380360 Megohmmeter
380360 เครื่องวัดความต้านทานฉนวน

380360 EXTECH Digital Megohmmeter

9,400.00 ฿
380360 EXTECH Digital Megohmmeter วัดความต้านทานฉนวน ถึง 2000 mOhm ตัวเครื่องมาพร้อมอุปกรณ์พร้อมใช้งาน

Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester 380363

10,800.00 ฿
The Extech 380363 provides three test ranges for continuity and voltage measurements and acts as a datalogger for up to 9 data sets.

Insulation Tester+Datalogger 380366 - เลิกผลิต

20,900.00 ฿
The Extech 380366 autoranges measurements up to 4000MOhm with IKMOhm resolution, while acting as a datalogger.
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