Clamp Meters

Clamp Meters

What is a clamp meter?

A clamp meter is a safe, convenient, and effi cient way to measure current without having to use test leads. Since current flow through a conductor causes a magnetic fi eld, the clamp meter can sense this field and provide a corresponding current reading (in amperes, or amps). Clamp meters do not interrupt current fl ow allowing the technician to make the
measurement quickly and safely. 

Why True RMS Clamp-ons?

A True RMS clamp meter more accurately measures AC (alternating current) signals. When measuring distorted or non-periodic AC waveforms, True RMS meters are essential. Standard meters, without True RMS, average the AC measurements and therefore are not as accurate for AC.

Applications for True RMS Clamp-On Meters

• Power utility personnel for installation, maintenance, and diagnostics.
• Electrical contractor supervisors and engineers and electrical journeymen
• Building and facility maintenance technicians and supervisors
• Manufacturing technicians and fl oor supervisors
• Technicians for avionic electrical generation systems and ground support equipment

Current Clamp Meters with DMM functionality

Extech leads the market in multifunction current clamp meters. In the presence of high current fl ow, the need to measure volts, ohms, temperature, and frequency is imperative. Multifunction current clamp meters offer a value-added bonus for technicians, fi eld engineers, and contractors.

What is the signifi cance of the IR thermometer?

In areas where there are high current carrying conductors, safety is of utmost concern. With an IR thermometer built right into the clamp meter the technician can quickly and safely scan for ‘hotspots’
on panels, conduits, and walls.