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PONPE 320 SERIES เครื่องวัดแก๊สPONPE 320 SERIES เครื่องวัดแก๊ส

PONPE 320 Series เครื่องวัดแก๊ส Multi Gas Detector

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PONPE 320 Series PONPE INSTRUMENTS เครื่องวัดแก๊ส Portable Multi Gas Detector LEL,CO,H2S,O2,H2,CL,CO2,N2,CH4
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เครื่องวัดแก๊ส PONPE 320 Series

Portable Multi Gas Detector

• Intrinsically safe, CE certified
• Portable, industrial use, higher accuracy, Sensitivity and accuracy
• Imported high quality sensors

• Detecting multi gas concentrations simultaneously
• Fully configurable alarm points
• Customized gas combination

Technical Parameters

Sensor type Infrared, catalytic, electrochemical
Data logging (optional) Continuously data logging (1900 data at 0.1-10 configurable interval)
Size & weight 130×66×30mm / 300g
Charging time 4-5 hours
Battery Rechargeable lithium
Continuous working time >12h
Alarms LED alarm @ 20cm
Buzzer alarm 95dB @30cm
Low power alarm
Working Temperature -25°C  ~ +55°C, short time: -40°C  ~  +55°C
Charging By AC adapter or 5V USB port
Sensor lifetime Infrared: ≥5 years
Electrochemical: ≥2 years
Catalytic: ≥1 year
Display Color LCD / OLCD
Ex proof sign Exibd I
LCD reading Real-time concentration, battery indicator, date
Sampling Natural diffusion
Backlight Always ON
IP degree IP54
Approval Ex, MA, CMC, CE


Model No. Gas Detected Range Model No. Gas Detected Range
PONPE 320-1   




(0.00-5.00)%vol, 0.01%

PONPE 320-8   Methane (0.00-5.00)%VOL
Carbon Monoxide (0-1000) ppm Carbon Monoxide (0-1000) ppm
Oxygen (0.00-30.0)%VOL Carbon Dioxide (0.0-30.0)%VOL
Hydrogen Sulfide (0-100) ppm PONPE 320-9   Methane (0.00-5.00)%VOL
PONPE 320-2  Methane (0.00-4.00)%VOL Oxygen (0.0-30.0)%VOL
Oxygen (0.0-30)%VOL Hydrogen Sulfide (0-100) ppm
PONPE 320-3  Methane (0.00-4.00)%VOL PONPE 320-10   Methane (0.00-5.00)%VOL
Carbon Monoxide (0-1000) ppm Carbon Monoxide (0-1000) ppm
PONPE 320-4  Carbon Monoxide (0-1000) ppm Hydrogen Sulfide (0-100) ppm
Oxygen (0.0-30.0)%VOL PONPE 320-11   Carbon Monoxide (0.00-5.00)%VOL
PONPE 320-5  O2 (0.00-30.0)%VOL Oxygen (0.0-30.0)%VOL
Carbon Dioxide (0.00-5.00)%VOL Hydrogen Sulfide (0-100) ppm
PONPE 320-6  Methane (0.00-5.00)%VOL PONPE 320-12  Nitrogen Dioxide (0-20) ppm
Carbon Dioxide (0.00-5.00)%VOL Carbon Dioxide (0.00-5.00)%VOL
PONPE 320-7   Methane (0-100)%VOL      
Carbon Dioxide (0-100)%VOL      
Hydrogen Sulfide (0-100)  ppm      


Standard accessories USB extension cord, charging adapter, calibration cap, calibration hose,
stainless steel clip, hanging cord, leather case, manual
Optional accessories Gas sampling pump, professional suitcase


Datalogger (Optional)

Collect data by independent gas detector, there's a chip inside for memory, total data can be collected is 1900pcs, time interval is 1-600 seconds configurable, how to read data? Connect gas detector by USB and read data on computer.
Real-time data collection, connect gas detector with computer for real-time data collection, collected data will be stored on computer, so there's no memory limits.
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