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AZ8651 Digital pH/ORP MeterAZ8651 pH Meter

Digital pH/ORP Meter with Temperature AZ8651 Digital pH/ORP Meter - เลิกจำหน่าย

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เครื่องวัดกรดด่าง pH Meter Water Quality Meter เครื่องวัดค่าพี-เอช เครื่องวัดกรดด่าง PH meter > เครื่องวัดกรดด่าง พีเอช มิเตอร์ Digital pH/ORP Meter with Temperature AZ8651
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เครื่องวัดกรดด่าง Digital pH/ORP Meter with Temperature AZ8651


เครื่องวัดกรดด่าง AZ8651

ORP-8651 measures pH, ORP and temperature accurately with advance features such as multi-display LCD screen wherein it simultaneous display (pH/mV & temperature, memory counter, time real-time clock and mode indicators), provides both °C and °F that can be easily switch, automatic and manual temperature compensation, save, recall & delete recorded data, hold function, min & max values, backlight, auto power off that can be disable, option to transmit data into the computer for anylization and printing (CD & cable not included in the set), with 5 maximum calibration points and fron panel calibration adjustments, with automatic buffer recognition, comes with pH electrode with ATC and Pt. needle type ORP electrode and measures 3 parameters, pH, ORP and mV!

Application & Usage:
This handy meter is ideal for checking water treatment, industrial applications, pools, spas, aquariums, labs, aquaculture, sanitation plants, car washes, hydroponics, water & wastewater treatment and boilers/steam generator maintenance and many other applications.

Health and Safety Standards & Certifications:
Our products has the CE marking and approval of the European Directives, each meter's component comply with their essential health and safety requirements. Your safety is assured while using the ORP-8651.

Key Features:

  • Measures pH, mV and Temperature
  • Integrated pH, ORP and Temperature measurements in one meter
  • Multi-display LCD screen
  • °C/°F switchable & real-time display
  • Front panel calibration adjustments
  • With hold function freezes displayed reading
  • Min./Max value review of memorized data
  • With pH automatic buffer recognition to avoid errors during calibration
  • Allows automatic or manual temperature compensation
  • 3-points pH calibration (maximum 5 points pH calibration)
  • With memory recall and real-time clock setting features
  • With RS232 receptor for online logging or upload 00 memories to PC for analysis (RS232 CD is not included in the set)
  • With Backlight feature for dark environment operation
  • Easy to view probe calibration data
  • With "Ready" icon on LCD to indicate if reading is stable or not
  • Comes with pH electrode with ATC & Pt. needle type ORP electrode
  • Error indicators during calibration, hold, max & min, record, Low bat
  • Meter can be powered by 4pcs of AAA batteries (included in the set) for better mobility or by a 9V DC power adaptor for long time use (power adaptor is not included in the set)
  • Auto power off with disable feature
  • Accurate and high resolution
  • With provision for tripod mounting
  • With safety approval for a long and trouble-free life


  • pH Measuring Range : 0.00~14.00
    • high resolution : 0.01pH
    • pH accuracy : ±0.02pH
  • mV Measuring Range : -199.9 ~ +199.9mV - not included in the manual, -1999 ~ +1999mV
    • mV resolution : 0.1mV(-199.9~+199.9) or 1mV (-1999~+1999) not included in the manual (others)
    • mV accuracy : ±0.2mV(-199.9~+199.9) or ±2 mV (-1999~+1999)
  • Manual & Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Temperature compensation :-5~80°C not included in the manual
  • Accuracy : ±0.3°C not included in the manual
  • Calibration: Max 5 points automatic buffer recognition
  • With pH Slope/Offset display
  • Slope Alarm: 115%
  • Offset Alarm: Out of ±60mV
  • Operating Temp : 0~50°C(32~122°F), Max. 80%RH.
  • Operation Temperature: 5~40°C
    ********Humidity: up to 95% without condensation
  • Storage Temperature: -20~60°C
    ***** *Humidity: up to 95% without condensation
  • Low battery indicator
  • pH electrode: 1meter cable length
  • Dimension(meter) : 175 x 70 x 33mm
  • Weight: approx. 150g (meter only

Accessories included:

  • Epoxy-body pH electrode with ATC
  • Pt. needle type ORP electrode
  • PH4, PH7 & PH10 Buffer Solutions
  • Instruction manual





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